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Sedona Arts & Crafts Shows ~ Exhibitor Info

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. provides the artists with highly visible event locations. Events are organized in a professional manner with the highest degree of integrity, creativity and efficiency.

Complimentary coffee and tea are offered to Exhibitors in the morning while setting up their booth. An allowance in the form of a gift certificate to Olde Sedona Bar and Grill is offered towards lunch for the weekend per booth.

The mission for Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is simple: to provide quality, affordable and professional well-organized shows with great success for the Exhibitors while enhancing the lives of homeless, abused, neglected animals and animals near extinction.

Advertising will appear in but is not limited to newspapers, feature articles, direct marketing, web promotion, signage as well as radio broadcasting. Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. wants to ensure high quality shows for the talented artists and will also be offering additional shows at various locations in the near future so stay tuned.

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