Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is committed to the humane and compassionate care and treatment of animals. Our goal is to build a healing and rehabilitation center/sanctuary for canines that are otherwise thought to be “unadoptable” due to fear or behavioral issues.  Often times these animals are overlooked in shelters and they need a peaceful place where they can detox from their stress and anxieties.  They need love, time, understanding, patience and peaceful environment.    We will rehabilitate them by giving them a chance to learn to trust people again. Then we will find them a “forever” home, or if they remain unadoptable, they will be allowed to live out their lives at the sanctuary.

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is in the preliminary stages of planning and is raising funds to build a healing and rehabilitation center/sanctuary here in Sedona.  Currently, our primary source of revenue comes from promoting quality Arts and Crafts shows in Sedona. (These shows are also a great outlet for adopting animals from local shelters and rescue groups.) We are also looking into other sources of revenue.

Through our events we also have created three programs to assist animals in need.  One being of emergency medical (Medical Fund) and the others provide partial or full funding for spay or neuter of felines and canines in the Verde Valley.  Our two spay and neuter programs (Pitty Party Fund and General S/N Fund) assists people who do not have the financial ability to provide this necessary service for their pet even at low cost prices.  One of our goals is to stop the over pet population in our community.

If you would like to make a donation to help Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, you can now do so with PayPal!   One hundred percent of the money donated goes directly into any of the funds you specify and are made possible with your generous support.   Just click the Donate button to use your credit card or PayPal account to make a donation in the amount of your choice!   Thank you so much for caring!

Pitty Party Spay and Neuter Fund

General Spay and Neuter Fund

Emergency Medical Fund

Future Rehab/Healing Facility Fund

Pet Food

Getting Back on Your Paws

TNR Feral Cat Program

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is a 501c3-not for profit organization committed to benefiting animals in need.  We are all volunteer based.

We are now accepting donations to help fund the building of our Healing and Rehabilitation Center and Animal Sanctuary here in Sedona.

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc…is committed to raising support through Donations and Special Fundraising Events. Support is very much appreciated and critical for us to continue in our mission.

Please come out to one of fundraising events and support our artists that support our mission.  Thank you.