This video was made to inform our supporters of our involvement in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge last December. It provides a glimpse into the work that Red Rose Inspiration for Animals does for animals in need. Look for more video updates in the future!

About Us

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. has a NO KILL designation.

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is volunteer based.  Red Rose is inspired by a beautiful, beloved soul named Rosey.  A Rottweiler/Pit-bull mix, she was not only loving and loyal, but highly intelligent—she was a rescue pup herself. Rosey was always sweet and sympathetic to dogs that were suffering with emotional problems. She would provide them comfort and help them to grow their confidence. She has worked with various other dogs to help rehabilitate them emotionally before she passed from cancer. Rosey’s spirit lives on and Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. has been developed and inspired in her honor to save the lives of various animals in need.

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is based in Sedona, located at the base of Oak Creek Canyon in the spectacular Red Rock Country of Northern Arizona.

Mission Statement

A NO KILL organization that promotes spay and neuter to make a difference in the over pet population of canines and felines.   We promote programs that connect animals with people.

Our Work to Benefit Animals

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is focused on saving abused, neglected, homeless animals.  We are dedicated to healing and rehabilitating canines who have suffered from emotional abuse helping them become adoptable. We also assist in domesticating feral felines.

We continue to initiate collaborative efforts with many other rescue organizations and shelters in the Verde Valley to spay and neuter.   Red Rose provides partial or full funding for spay or neuter of felines and canines, with funding generated directly through our events and our Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Artist Boutique and Upscale Thrift Store, the Red Rose Thriftique located in the Bell Rock Plaza in the Village of Oak Creek.  We also rely on the support of our generous donors and sponsors.

Our programs assist people who do not have the financial ability to provide this necessary service for their pet.  One of our goals is to stop the over pet population in our community.   We also assist with emergency medical treatment for stray animals in need.

Our primary focus for proceeds raised from our events is for the planning stages for our rehabilitation center and sanctuary for animals

We are excited to announce our vision is becoming a reality!  Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is in the preliminary stages of realizing our goal of building a Rehabilitation Center & Animal Sanctuary!   The Center/Sanctuary would be the first of its kind located here in Sedona. The Center/Sanctuary would take in canines that are in need of rehabilitation due to fear or behavioral issues and give them a chance to learn to trust again in hopes of finding them a forever home.  Animals deemed unadoptable will live out the rest of their natural life at our sanctuary.

Sedona Arts & Crafts Shows!

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. organizes art and craft shows in Sedona, Arizona to promote talented artists. These events are held in prime locations and show fees are very affordable for Exhibitors. Proceeds from the events produced by Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. go to benefit animals in need. The shows give artists the opportunity to showcase their fine products while giving back to a worthy charity, and visitors and the local community have the opportunity to find that unique, special item and often meet the artist in person.

Please come out to support our non-profit and attend our local events. By doing so you are helping Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. save the lives of many wonderful animals.